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Equipment Of Compensation Nutrition – Nouris


Equipment Of Compensation Nutrition – Nouris

Faster and faster pace of life, it takes more and more urban peoples lacks of nutrition, the health is damaged. In order to improve your physical health and nutrition, America bossdun FitNatic team launched a Nourish nutritional supplement equipment, to solve the problem of nutrition for everyone.
Nouris  1
Nourish, it is a set of health indicators according to the user, it is a smart devices which can provide accurate nutrition in the time. This is 15 inches large touch screen black box, its top has 16 spherical capsule “seed”, “seeds” has powdered nutrients such as protein, cellulose, etc. Nourish will automatically detect the contents of residual, in unused to contact the seller before the delivery.
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Nourish’s working process is very simple, need nutrients being squeezed through a “seed”, then get into the funnel “Pod” mix, add solvent blunt. it can keep the same step with iWatch or other healthy APP, it will depend on the condition of your body, then mix out the most suitable for the user’s nutritional supplements. In theory, using time is longer, the nutrients is more meet your body. And, of course, you also can be mixed according to their own needs to customize, such as when you are tired, you could add some caffeine.
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